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About the Club

Our Mission

The IceMen Maniacs Booster Club is dedicated to enriching the fun atmosphere at IceMen home games and assisting the IceMen players and staff with various on- and off-ice needs, including household goods for apartments and healthy snacks for the locker room. We also help promote IceMen hockey in the community and online via, the Maniac Message Board, and our official Facebook and Twitter pages.


The club's main source of revenue is the sale of our signature "IceMen mini cowbells," which are available at every IceMen home game for just $5. (You can always find the Booster Club table in the main concourse, just above the front entrance and lobby at the Ford Center.) We sold over 5000 cowbells during the team's first six seasons, and continue to sell dozens at each home game to this day!

Club Events

The Booster Club organizes and/or promotes a variety of events, including pre-game tailgating parties, summer cookouts, group trips to road games, and exclusive parties with IceMen staff and players. We also promote fan gatherings during the off-season, giving fans opportunities to get together at Otters games, Ellis Park, Swonder Ice Arena, and more!

2014-15 EVENTS:
Oct. 10-11-12: Pre-Season Road Trip to Fort Wayne & Indy (Details) [All Fans Welcome]
Sat. Oct. 18: Home Opener Pre-Game Block Party (Details) [All Fans Welcome]
Sun. Dec. 14: Christmas Party with the Players (Details) [Club Members Only!]
Tue. Feb. 10: Bowling with the Players (Details TBA) [Club Members Only!]
Tue. Mar. 24: Cookout with the Players (Details TBA) [Club Members Only!]
More To Come!

Board of Directors

As determined by a full-membership vote on September 6, 2014, the Booster Club's Board of Directors for the 2014-15 season is as follows:

President: Dixie Halber (
Vice President: Anita Ice (
Treasurer: Steve Halber (
Secretary: Amanda Shockley (
Member-At-Large: Rick Lewallen (

Bylaws, Code of Conduct, Reports, etc.

The club's Official Bylaws and Member Code of Conduct are available online in PDF form. (Click the links to download them - free Acrobat Reader required.) Meeting minutes and financial reports are also available upon request. Please direct inquiries to Club President Dixie Halber at

Meetings & Club Discussion

While major club-related decisions are typically made at official meetings, members also take part in plenty of informal planning and brainstorming online. Most informal club planning and discussions take place in our Members-Only Facebook group, which is separate from our public Facebook page. (The former is for internal club matters, while the latter is for promoting the club and team to the masses.) Additional discussion and information about the latest booster club meetings and events can be found on the Maniac Message Board in the "IceMen Maniacs Booster Club Events & Discussion" thread.

Sat. Aug. 2 at 3 PM (Booster Club Jamboree Follow-Up) [Anita Ice's House - Minutes]
Sat. Sept. 6 at 3 PM (2014-15 Elections & Planning) [Central Library - Minutes]
Sun. Nov. 23 at 1 PM (Christmas Party Planning & More) [Central Library - Minutes]
Sat. Jan. 31 at 3 PM (Bowling Event Planning & More) [Central Library's Large Group Room]
Sat. Mar. 14 at 3 PM (Cookout Planning & More) [Central Library's Large Group Room]

How to Join (New Members)

The IceMen Maniacs Booster Club is open to any and all IceMen fans, although only adult members (age 18 and up) are permitted to vote at Booster Club meetings and in Board of Directors elections.

Annual dues are just $5 for an Individual or $10 for a Family. Individual members must be age 18 or older, and each Family membership must include at least one adult age 18 or older. (A single Family membership can include up to 2 adults, plus unmarried children up to age 23 and any other legal dependents who reside at the same mailing address.) Other booster clubs charge as much as $20 to $50 per person, but we want to keep membership affordable so more Maniacs can get in on the fun!

Please note that our "membership year" ends each June 30. Renewal for the following hockey season begins July 1.

We are currently accepting new member registration for the 2014-15 season.


Step #1: Read our Official Bylaws [PDF] so you're familiar with the way the club works.

Step #2: Print our Code of Conduct [PDF] and have all adults (18+) read and sign it.

Step #3: Print our Registration Form [PDF] and fill out the requested info for all members.

Step #4: Mail us your completed Registration Form and Code of Conduct, along with appropriate payment for annual dues. (Make checks payable to the IceMen Maniacs Booster Club.) Our mailing address is P.O. Box 4631, Evansville, IN, 47724. During the season, you can also simply bring your completed forms and payment to the Booster Club table at any IceMen home game.

Once you're in, we'll add you to our e-mail list and keep you abreast of Booster Club volunteer opportunities, meetings and events.

Thanks for your interest and support, and LET'S GO ICEMEN!!!
Membership Renewal

Existing members of the IceMen Maniacs Booster Club must renew their membership each season. Annual dues are just $5 for an Individual or $10 for a Family.

Our "membership year" ends each June 30. Renewal for the following hockey season begins July 1.

We are currently accepting membership renewals for the 2014-15 season.

If any of the information provided on your original Registration Form has changed (such as eligible family members or contact information), please e-mail your updates to Club President Dixie Halber at

To renew your membership, you can send cash or check (payable to the IceMen Maniacs Booster Club) to P.O. Box 4631, Evansville, IN, 47724. You can also submit your payment in person at any IceMen home game and most Booster Club events.

Another payment option we're now happy to offer - for membership renewals ONLY - is PayPal™. You don't even need a PayPal™ account to use your credit card and pay your membership dues online, quickly and securely! Just select the type of membership renewal from the dropdown list below, click "Add to Cart," and follow the instructions!

Membership Renewal Type:  

We thank you for your continued support, and LET'S GO ICEMEN!!!

NEW MEMBERS: Please be advised that online payment is ONLY available for membership renewals. If you are registering to join the Booster Club for the first time, you MUST fill out all of the required forms and pay by cash or check using the instructions in the "How to Join" section. We appreciate your cooperation!

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